About Us

Our Aims


We aim to provide opportunities for young Deaf children to meet a wide group of friends with similar disabilities, to enable them to realise that they’re not alone in their situation.

Also, to support parents, carers and others interested in helping children with a hearing loss. This could range from a simple friendly chat after a bad day to real help with educational needs or benefits.


To be able to do this we’ll:

  • Bring families with deaf children of differing ages of children together to
    support each other and exchange information
  • Maximize opportunities for deaf and hearing people to come together and
    fulfil their potential, to improve communication skills, and build confidence
  • Support all means of communication, signing and oral, and all levels of hearing loss
  • Raise local awareness of the needs of deaf children
  • Provide a local resource for members and professionals
  • Influence provision and support in North Hampshire

If you and your family would like to become members of the North Hampshire DCS,
please download and return this form.


Together, we can influence the provision and support in North Hampshire.

Are you the Parent or Carer of a Child who is Deaf or has a Hearing Impairment?

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Deafness is often seen as a hidden disability and most people don’t realise how difficult life can be for a young Deaf person. We use the term “deafness” to mean all types, including temporary deafness such as glue ear.


We’ve come about as a response to the frustrations of parents and carers about the lack of facilities and activities for their Deaf children in North Hampshire.


We’re run by a small committee of volunteers, parents and carers of Deaf children. We are a registered charity (1163125),  and are a affiliated group of the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).